Monday, April 25, 2011

Prim and Proper Petit Fours

My moms birthday was last week thursday and I wanted to make something special for her along with challenge myself to make something a lil harder than what Im used to...I strive for excellence always so I have to push myself. With that said I decided a regular cake wouldnt do and maybe petit fours would be in order. The recipe was not hard to do at all but it was tedious especially when it have to covering every little piece of cake in poured fondant. I dont think I will add these to my catering menu because it is to labor intensive for a one man team and I want to tweak the recipe a bit. Nonetheless my mom was very surprised, she loved her petit fours and that was all the thanks that I needed.  If you would like the recipe it can be found at Baking 911.

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