Monday, August 23, 2010

Homemade Green Seasoning

Green seasoning is a aromatic blend of herbs, spices, and vegetables used to season meats and fish in the Caribbean. In places with a high Caribbean population you can simply buy it from the Asian markets but nothing beats homemade. To make this seasoning you don't need Caribbean ingredients and it can be made anywhere for a taste of "home".  In Trinidad my cousins used a mortar an pestle to grind their seasoning but sadly I do not own one of those. This summer my sister decided to make her own green seasoning since we had so many herbs in our garden. And she used a mini food processor so no mortar and pestle necessary. This would not be an exact recipe since its not written in stone what you have to use it can be a blend of pretty much any of the herbs you have on hand and the more you have the more it makes. My sister uses a blend of fresh cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, parsley, chive, Spanish thyme, onion, garlic, hot peppers (we use habeneros), a little mint and lemon verbena. We grind it in the food processor with a little johnny walker black to preserve it you can use vinegar if your adverse to using alcohol, and a tablespoon of either should do the trick for 1-2 cups of seasoning. Keep it covered in the fridge or you can freeze into an ice cube tray.

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