Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Diet

As of mid 2003 I became a pescetarian. A pescetarian has a similar diet to that of a vegetarian but it includes fish. Prior to that I had a diet similar to what I still eat but with the exception of alot of chicken and turkey.  I only decided to go vegetarian/pescetarian behind my sister. Earlier that same year after we came back from Trinidad Carnival She decided she didn't want to  eat meat anymore and would be cutting it out of her diet permanently. I couldn't follow suit because honestly I loved chicken...I mean I loved chicken with a passion. I wanted to join her but it was a case of the " the mind is willing but the heart ain't able" or in this case the stomach. I finally bit the bullet that summer because it just became too much to be cooking 3 different sets of food at home. Pork for my brother and mother, chicken for me, and fish for jasmine. It was too much and in the long run I believed I would benefit significantly from the change in eating. Fast forward to today and my health has definitely benefited from the change. I have lost lots of weight gradually over the years and I am in great health. I do not regret giving up meat and it hasn't been an issue except when it came time to taste dishes in my culinary classes.
My overall health just continues to get better with the fact that I have joined the gym, acquired a trainer, switch the majority of my food from conventional to organic and natural, and started growing some of my food. This journey hasn't been the easiest..or cheapest, but I figure I only have one life and while I'm here I want to put the best possible food in my mouth. Also nothing beats the taste of unadulterated food, free of additives, pesticides, and the like. I'm a girl that wants to eat how my grandparents and great grandparents ate...tasting good food in its simplest form.  

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