Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of June Cupcake Criminal Happenings: The Garden

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The summer solstice starts tomorrow and I am excited to revel in the excitement of my favorite season. Summer to me means outdoor parties, bright colors, festivals, and carnivals. The foodie in me loves summer because it means the smell of charred food on a grill, abundance of fresh juicy fruit, and creamy cold ice creams or sorbets. I really cannot wait to churn up a couple batches of ice cream and sorbets with some delicious strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries or any berry that I find in the farmers market.
Now I want to show you all some garden progress and plants that I bought to add to the greenery on the fire escape. The main picture on the top shows from left: The spring onion that is coming up great, next the asters that I may have planted too closely but they seem to be doing fine, then the morning glories which I'm training to cover the fire escape, and finally the curly parsley that was off to a painfully slow start but as of recent seems to be growing in hyper speed! Here are a few more pictures.
The carrots have sprouted so much in just a few weeks!

Theses Strawberries were bought at USQ farmers market for $1, I didnt want to buy too many plants because I know strawberries take a year and a sunday to grow and its already coming to the end of their season.
Sweet Peas climbing the trellis I made for them. 

The wildflowers are in full bloom.
The sweet peas are strangling everything around them especially the wildflowers, I am patiently waiting for them to flower.
Wildflower Buds.
Marigold Disco Mix

These are the tomatoes. Im not sure if this lil guy was harmful or not!  I saw no damage so left it.

Season two of my gardening project seems to be coming along well, Ive made some mistakes but Ive also learned so much from last year. Im thinking of trying hydroponics next year once the funds are there.  

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