Monday, September 13, 2010

Restaurant Management

This post is aside from my regular recipe post but as time goes on you will see see a larger variety of post coming from me. Currently I am on the road to graduation and I am feeling like a combustible ball of excitement and fear about what the future holds. I would like to do so many things but most importantly I would like my career to involve food writing and traveling. My dream has also been  to have a brick and mortar place of my own. Since I was a kid family and friends that tried my baked goods have always told me to open a place of my own and that it will be flooded with people, but anyone in the industry knows that opening a business is not as easy as 1,2,3. Most new restaurant fail within the first few years so proper research is definitely needed before any contracts are signed. I don't have any mentors currently and I really need to take the initiative to look for a few so I can have someone in the industry to guide me along this journey. Fast forward to today which was the first day of my restaurant management class. So far I think it will be the most beneficial class of my semester. The ultimate goal of the class is to make an official business plan for your business. This really came like a blessing in disguise and I cannot wait to learn all the strategies and tips a new business owner would need to have a successful restaurant/bakery/lounge/etc.

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