Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vanilla Sugar

I think vanilla is one of the simplest and most loved flavors known to man. Vanilla ice cream still being the most popular flavors after the invention of so many others speaks volumes. I like to add vanilla flavor to most sweet goods that I make and was thinking of ways to add more vanilla goodness to them. When I made vanilla ice cream a few weeks ago I bought fresh vanilla beans to use, and after I scraped them I didn't want to discard the pods and thought that I could infuse the flavor into something...then it clicked in my head! Why not use the vanilla pods to make vanilla sugar. Sugar, salts, and oils are preservative and you can keep virtually anything in them for long periods of time, you can also infuse them with almost anything. When I made my vanilla sugar I didn't use exact measurements but I did have two scraped bean pods and I used them  in about 2 cups of granulated sugar. I double bagged it and put it away in my baking supply box. When I checked it a week later I was greeted by the splendid smell of vanilla. Making this is very rewarding and save you money from buying vanilla infused sugar in specialty stores, hope you decide to try it out.

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