Monday, September 27, 2010

Zyliss Ice cream scoop

I think any true ice cream lover has been through the wire in the search for a scoop that can scoop through the hardest ice creams and still stay standing. Since I have been making ice cream at home I haven't owned a proper scoop and decided it was time for me to invest in one. I went to the most well stocked cooking supply store in Brooklyn, A Cooks Companion on Atlantic Ave. I actually went for something else but ended up leaving with the Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop. The pink color of the scoop caught my eye (I love pink!) and I decided to pick it up...It had A nice weight to it and I liked how the scoop itself was designed, it reminded me of the scoops I used to scoop Gelato at Whole Foods. I cant remember exactly how much I paid for it but I'm sure its no more than ten dollars. On my last ice cream making binge I gave the Zyliss a test run. It went through the ice cream like butter straight from the freezer...that's a good sign! I tried to scoop perfect balls but didn't get it on the first try but the next day I got alot closer. Overall I give the Zyliss 90%, It didn't scoop perfect balls for be but it came very close and I love the design and colors. I would definitely recommend it and if you are looking to buy has it for $6.99 and free shipping.

Happy Scooping!

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