Friday, January 7, 2011

Food Photography and Weekday Lasagna

I really love that food photography amongst the foodie blogs are up there with the likes of fashion photography(at least in my head).  Most of the blogs I follow post amazingly tempting photos of the dishes that they prepare and even if its something that I don't eat..the photo alone opens my appetite. The photos on these blogs are usually taken with a DSLR camera and other high tech equipment that I simply cannot afford right now. I always loved photography but an expensive camera isn't in view for me right now unless Aladdin and his genie makes a pit stop at my house. I have already scoped out a camera that I think would be well suited for me(the Nikon D3100) and hope to be able to buy it sometime this year and take a photography class just to get my feet wet with professional photography...Until then its just my old canon point and shoot or my cellphone camera. I try my best to make the most of it by taking photos in natural light and using some background props and so far the response has been great so I guess I'm doing something right. So I'm hoping my readers will bear with me until the upgrade happens.
Thanks so all are a swell bunch :)

Hey hey hey, that doesn't mean I wont leave you without a recipe today. The catch is that It has no photo but that doesn't mean its anything less than delicious. The recipe is for a quick yummy no meat lasagna. I don't really make lasagna but I wanted to experiment by using some marscapone cheese that was getting ready to expire soon. Marscapone in appearance is similar to cream cheese but in taste its like cream cheeses cousin that lives in the Hampton's and flies by private jet. Marcapone should be available in the specialty section of your dairy isle but I bought mine from my local Trader Joe's.
When it comes to lasagna I'm use to my sisters richer version of spinach lasagna that is so rich it gives you "the itis." I wanted something lighter and quicker for everyday and this recipe hit the spot. It had great texture and mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I hope you all decide to try it out..its superb!

Weekday Lasagna
half pack or 16 noodles of lasagna, boiled
32oz(1 1/2 bottles) marinara pasta sauce
16oz ricotta cheese
8oz marscapone cheese
16oz mozzarella cheese, grated

-  Spray a rectangular casserole dish( I used 14x9) with cooking spray and put a light layer of pasta sauce on the bottom. Also bring oven to 380 degrees.
- In medium bowl mix mozzarella with marscapone cheese, the mix will be clumpy its fine.
- Layer casserole dish with four pasta noodles and spread a layer of ricotta over them. Scatter the several clumps of the mozzarella cheese on top and then finish with a layer of pasta sauce. Repeat this step two more times.
- For the last layer of noodles just remaining pasta sauce and cheese mixture on top. If you have grated Parmesan on hand that can also be spread on top.
- Place lasagna in oven and bake until browned on top about 30 minutes.

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