Saturday, January 22, 2011

Repurposing For A Better Planet

Repurposing means to give an already used product a new life by finding another use for it. Repurposing is nothing new within the green movement but it is now building momentum among regular joes. Repurposing can mean planting a garden in an old childhood wagon, making a patchwork throw out of old pieces of clothing, using plastic bags as packing sponge, pieces of scrap wood being turned into a dog/bird house, or turning old cans and boxes into pieces of art. With repurposing the possibilities are infinite! The most unique I have seen thus far would be flowers planted within an old tube television and a garden planted in the cups of and old bra. Giving old products a new life gives you a creative outlet and a activity to bring together friends, family, and the community. Also just think that every product you reuse means one less product in a landfill and that is is great news for our earth. Growing up in a Caribbean household I never thought of reusing something as was just a way of life. When candles in glass jars finished we stored thing is them, when biscuit tins were empty recipes were kept in them, and old bottles were kept through the year to store punche creme or sorrel for Christmas.
 Here are a few things that have been repurposed in the kitchen:
An old pie weight jar used for homemade peppersauce.
Hot Chocolate Tins...I love the retro look!
Now they hold homemade vanilla sugar and Canella Cinnamon my mom brought from Trinidad.

Along with these I have old jars holding various spices, an old pitcher as a pot spoon holder, and a old cracker tin to plant my flowers.
Here are some other cool examples of repurposing I found online:

I hope you all take a moment to see if something in your home can be given a new life before you throw it away so that along with saving yourself money you help preserve our planet.                                                                                            

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