Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vegan Jello

Most people associate that wobbly, see through, gel like dessert with the brand name Jell-o.  I grew up on Jello and it held a special place in my heart until I went vegetarian. Being vegetarian meant no more meat products which in turn meant no more gelatin. The most widely used form of gelatin in food products throughout the United States is derived from cow bones, pig skins and other animal parts. Since that is the main ingredient in Jell-o I chose not to eat it anymore. I went vegetarian in 2003 and from then until mid last year I never had anything resembling Jell-o. While on a shopping trip in Trader Joe's I came across the natural gel cups in difference fruit flavors which boast being vegan, gluten free, and fat free. I decided to give it a try saying that if they didn't taste good I could always get my money back. I am happy to report that they tasted just as good as regular Jello, so my vegan and vegetarian people may rejoice now!
The substitute for cow gelatin in these gel cups is carrageenan which is the gelatinous extract of the seaweed plant. Along with carrageenan the color for the gel cups are plant derived and sweetened with natural cane sugar. If you are looking to infuse your diet with more all natural products or if your a vegetarian/vegan looking to find some childhood memories in a cup you should look no further than Trader Joe's Natural Gel Cups. The gel cups come in several flavors including, peach-mango and black cherry, retail price is $2.49.

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